Phil Vincent, 33, and Brionne Abramowitz, 30, met through a friend in Bali, Indonesia:

She's from: New Rochelle, New York, USA

He's from: Fleet, Hampshire, UK

Relationship status: Engaged

"When I was 31, I felt burned out at my job in London, so I booked a one-way ticket to Indonesia and planned to stay on the beautiful island of Gili Trawangen, just a little east of Bali, for one month. Being a modern man, I had Tinder on my phone and was one day casually swiping through when a familiar face appeared: an old DJ friend of mine. We met up and started hanging out, and one night, she brought a new friend of hers. I hit it off with the new girl, Brionne, who lived in New York City, and we all went to an island bar, where we soon lost my DJ friend. The two of us danced the rest of the night away and ended up going night swimming in the ocean, where I kissed her.
“31岁时我在伦敦觉着工作太累了就订了一张去印度尼西亚的单程票,计划在美丽的Gili Trawangen岛上待一个月,就在巴厘岛往东一点。作为一个现代人,我手机上有Tinder应用,一天偶然搜到一个熟悉的面孔:以前的一个DJ朋友。我们碰面,然后一起出去玩,一天晚上她带来了一个新朋友。我和那个新认识的女孩布里欧尼很合得来,她住在纽约市,我们一起去了岛上的一个酒吧,在那儿不一会儿就找不到我那个DJ朋友了。那天晚上剩余的时间我们两个一起跳舞,后来一起去海里游泳,我吻了她。

We've been together ever since. We've traveled through Asia, Europe, North America, New Zealand and Australia, before finally settling in Sydney. We got engaged exactly one year after we met, and we're getting married in July. There is simply no way we would have met if we both hadn't gone to travel."

—Phil Vincent