Sarah and Patrick Grace, both 25, met while standing in line at a museum in Florence:

She's from: St. Louis

He's from: Little Rock, Arkansas

Relationship status: Married

"After I graduated college, I backpacked through Europe with a friend for six weeks. While we were standing in line at the Galleria dell'Accademia museum in Florence, Italy, we started talking to four boys our age who were also American. One of the boys, Patrick, caught my attention. He was charming and had the biggest blue eyes. We met up with the boys again a couple days later in Cinque Terre to go hiking, during which Patrick and I talked and sang Disney songs. That night, we sipped Chianti while watching the sun set over the Bay of Riomaggiore. I was bummed when we said goodbye, because I was certain it wouldn't work past that point.

I was wrong. We kept in touch through Facebook, and eventually started texting and calling each other. We lived ten hours apart, but we decided to try dating long distance. After a couple months, a career opportunity made it possible for me to move to his city. Getting to date in person was a blast, and after 14 months, we got engaged — and now we're married. It's crazy to remember how this all started. And now I have a travel buddy for life!"

—Sarah Grace