Staying youthful is every woman's dream, but this mother-of-three seems to have achieved it effortlessly.

Alyssa Chia (贾静雯), who became an actress in 1990, has stunned millions of people in the Far East for her glowing skin and wrinkle-free face.

Ms Chia's fans have flocked to her social media account to express their admiration for her age-defying looks after the star celebrated her birthday this month.

The Taipei-born celebrity, who is renowned in East and South-east Asia, turned 44 on October 7.

To celebrate the occasion with her fans, she shared a picture of her and her family at her birthday party to her 22 million followers on Weibo.

In the post, Ms Chia said 'birthday is a day that all women love and hate', but her eldest daughter cleverly referred to her age as 'twice 22' rather than 44.

One fan commented on Weibo: 'She's not twice 22. She's twice 18.'

Another one said Ms Chia 'still looks so young' and could be mistaken for a 22-year-old.

In a previous interview, Ms Chia revealed her 'golden rules' of staying youthful.

She confessed that she didn't drink alcohol, eat late-night snacks or stay up late.

She also said she avoided using her phone two hours prior to her bedtime and tried not to eat deep-fried or spicy food.

She also stressed the importance of drinking water and working out regularly - at least twice a week.

Her mother would also cook nutritious soup and bring it to her filming site when she was busy working, according to her.

Ms Chia concluded: 'There are many ways to love yourself. Make sure to give yourself time to enjoy a facial or foot massage and let yourself recharge.'