On their royal tour in Sydney, Australia, Prince Harry joked with a man who gave Meghan a gigantic bouquet of flowers.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are on their first overseas visit as a royal couple.

Their first day in Sydney was jam-packed with activity, from taking a boat tour around Sydney Harbor to visiting Sydney Opera House and hanging out with wildlife at Taronga Zoo. And of course, they took time to greet the public, even if it ended up with some awkward moments along the way.


While greeting well-wishers on a walkabout around the zoo, Meghan and Harry stopped to talk to one official, who told Harry a fan in the crowd had a gigantic bouquet of flowers for Meghan.

Harry promptly walked over to the fan and teased him about the comically large gift. “You can’t give flowers that big to my wife, what’s that all about?” he joked.

A few seconds later, Meghan came by and said, “Thank you for my flowers.”

It turns out that fan was actually Matt de Groot, a radio host in Australia who brought the gigantic bouquet as a joke.

It is reported that The bouquet cost $500 AUD, which is about $357 USD. He was tasked with doing the stunt for the radio show Fitzy and Wippa.
据报道,这束花的成本是500澳元,大约357美元。他接到了广播节目“Fitzy and Wippa”的一项任务,所以才制造了这个噱头。