What Is The Most Incredible Romantic Gesture On Valentines Day That You've Witnessed?

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A friend of mine works as a nurse in a very low-income nursing home in a smaller state.

She doesn't generally like to celebrate Valentine's Day, but her boyfriend of two (three now, I guess) years likes to try to do something for her anyway.

She is often sad about the state of the elderly in the home; although they are cared for, the staff is strapped, the facilities are sparse, and many don't get any visitors or much attention at all from the outside world.

This past year, he brought a small little bouquet in for each of the residents there.?

There are just under fifty residents, and although the flowers weren't highly expensive, they were bright and cheerful.?

The residents, at least the ones who are aware enough, were thankful and touched. My friend? She asked her boyfriend to marry her that night, and this coming June, they will tie the knot.

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Ok, this isn't technically romantic, but it's sweet. It happened to me.

The night previous, I'd gotten broken up with via email with this guy that I'd been seeing. Anyway, my heart wasn't exactly crushed but I was feeling a little more cynical than usual about Valentine's Day.

So, what does a newly-single spinster do to cheer herself up? Go spend some time with her toddler nephews, of course. I had called my sister to let her know I was coming, and casually mentioned my long-distance-not-quite-boyfriend had broken up with me.

I walked to Mary's house, which takes about an hour, and by the time I got there I was greeted by three little boys bearing homemade Valentine's cards. One card was basically a huge heart, covered with glued-on Hershey's kisses.

After I thanked the boys, the youngest one (2 year old Zack) immediately grabbed a kiss off the Hershey's heart. It was funny to watch his fumbling fingers, struggling to unwrap it. Probably took at least 2 minutes. But he focused on his task and finally succeeded.

But instead of popping it in his mouth, he handed it to me and said, "Here you go. I opened it for you."

Zacky had my heart that day.

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Today I had chemotherapy-not a great way to spend Valentine's. My husband and I had agreed not to get each other presents this year, having just purchased a rather expensive household item.?

Upon returning home from my treatment, feeling tired, sickly and weary of soul, I saw a large box sitting on the porch.?

My husband told me he had ordered some manly thing or other, so I assumed that was what it was.?

Of course, it was a box of beautiful, fresh roses. I asked him why and his reply was that he felt so badly about how I had to spend Valentine's Day, he just wanted to put a smile on my face.?

So maybe this is not an insanely romantic gesture, but it felt insanely romantic to me, and literally brought a tear to my typically skeptical-about-love eye.